What to do if the fine is paid, and the case is transferred to the bailiffs (a letter came)

  1. The reasons
  2. Ways to solve the problem
  3. Sending a check via the Internet
  4. Behavior when meeting bailiffs

Drivers may be asked what to do if the penalty has been paid, and the case has already been transferred to the bailiffs. Most of the problems arise because a person uses an electronic calculation system. It is convenient, since it is easy to pay with it, and, as a rule, information about the transfer of funds immediately becomes known to the right people. However, it can happen and fail, and then it turns out that the person did not pay the traffic police fine. Because of this, there is a notice from the bailiffs that scares people.

Because of this, there is a notice from the bailiffs that scares people

The reasons

There are situations when a person simply forgets to repay the fine and suddenly finds out that his case is now being considered by the court There are situations when a person simply forgets to repay the fine and suddenly finds out that his case is now being considered by the court. But if a letter came from the bailiffs, and the person is sure that she transferred the money, then there could be different reasons for such a nuisance. First of all, it is possible electronic failure in the banking system. Because of him, the state bodies think that the person did not send the funds, and as a result they transfer the case to court.

The situation may also occur if the person has chosen an unscrupulous organization to pay the fine. Some little-known banks can transfer money for quite a long time or even make a mistake during the procedure. As a result, a person becomes a debtor.

It is also worth considering that there are mistakes directly in the payment management center. Suppose a person transferred funds to several details at once. And because of this, the system could not determine their purpose and end point. As a result, public services are attracted to the case of bailiffs.

It is not so important what reason provoked the problem. The main thing is for a person to take the right measures in time to avoid new difficulties due to someone else's mistake. Therefore, as soon as the letter comes from the bailiffs, you must immediately begin to act.

Ways to solve the problem

First of all, a person should think whether he really paid a specific fine First of all, a person should think whether he really paid a specific fine. Perhaps he had to transfer money to several places at once, and he simply forgot about one of the required contributions. Then do not blame the system or government workers. However, if there is a firm certainty in paying the fine, then there may be an error on the part of the money transfer systems. There will already need to prove to the traffic police its case.

How to act:

  1. You should immediately look for a receipt for the transfer of funds. In the event that a cashless settlement was made through the website of State Services, then the check must be in the e-mail or in the mobile phone. If the receipt is paper, then it is important to keep it until they check the transfer of funds to state bodies. Because otherwise it will be difficult to prove anything.
  2. Now you need to visit the traffic police department at the place of registration of the car. Should go with a receipt, if, of course, it is. There you will need to fix the fact of transfer of funds. The employee checks the check and then records the transfer of money. Further there will be a mark that the person paid the penalty.
  3. It also happens that the banking institution itself will contact the person to report the problem. In this case, you will need to go to the traffic police to make sure that the money has reached.
  4. It may happen that bailiffs will come straight home for non-payment. In such a situation, it will be necessary to visit their duty station. In addition, you must send a receipt to the FSSP. And the letter must be registered.

Important! With a receipt, a person will be able to easily prove the fact that he, in fact, extinguished the fine. And in such a situation no one will force him to transfer money again.

Therefore, do not be silent if suddenly there is an unpleasant situation with the bailiffs. Remember about your rights and defend them in order not to spend money because of other people's mistakes.

Sending a check via the Internet

Now it is possible to send a receipt for paying a fine using the traffic police website Now it is possible to send a receipt for paying a fine using the traffic police website. This option will save time and quickly resolve the problem. A person needs to follow the instructions in order to properly perform this action.

What to do:

  1. Visit the traffic police website, find the column "Opportunities" and select the line "Direction of treatment." You need to select this item, and then find information about paying a fine. After that, you will need to click on “Go to filling out the application form for a request”.
  2. Now you need to choose the region and your locality.
  3. The person is obliged to fill in contact details and other information that will be present there. Be sure to attach a photo of the receipt. Now you can send your appeal.

The application will be considered up to 30 days. If suddenly there is no answer, then you can complain about the inaction of authorized employees. Because according to the law, they must consider treatment.

Behavior when meeting bailiffs

A person may experience such a situation that his appeal will not be considered on time. Because of this, there will be such a problem as a visit by bailiffs at the place of residence of the debtor. You should not be frightened, much less close the door in front of them or simply do not respond to a knock. Any reasonable person should not hide from these people, otherwise there will be new problems.

It is necessary to let in the bailiffs and talk to them politely, explaining the situation. If there is a receipt in the house, then it must be shown to confirm your words. In this case, the bailiffs will make a copy of the check, and then close the case on this matter.

It should be understood that sometimes there are unscrupulous people who use their powers for illegal actions. They may offer to pay a fine on the spot, even if it has already been repaid. Or they can arrest property without having the right to do so. In such a situation, the person must necessarily complain to the senior bailiff or to the prosecutor's office. Because these actions are contrary to law.

Summing up, it can be noted that a person must defend his case, if he really extinguished the fine. Mistakes happen, but because of them a citizen who has faithfully transferred money should not suffer. Remember that the law will be on your side if there is evidence.

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